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A fishing seat and tackle boxes, custom-designed and crafted by precision engineers.

At Allt Fishing, we are proud of our Scottish fishing legacy.

Situated amidst some of the world’s premier loch and river fishing locations, our name—Allt—resonates with this heritage, meaning “A body of water with a current” in Gaelic.

Both our fishing seat and custom-designed tackle boxes are meticulously crafted in our Irvine, Scotland facility by our team of skilled precision engineers. We pride ourselves on delivering exactly what our customers desire, rather than assuming their needs.

Months of rigorous testing on renowned waters like Rutland and the Lake of Menteith, with inputs from top anglers like Jim Crawford, have honed our products. We’ve attentively listened to all feedback, making thoughtful adjustments in tandem with angler insights.

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Custom Designed Tackle Boxes

Allt solutions offer the most comprehensive tackle box solution on the market. We design all our boxes to the exact specification of the angler.

Our tackle boxes are designed by anglers for anglers. We designed them with your fishing experience in mind. Part of the design consultation focuses on what you use and when. There is no point in having the equipment used the most at the bottom of the box.

Why buy a custom designed box?


All our boxes are designed on CAD prior to CNC machining on our custom equipment.

The process of ordering a box is initial contact, quote, comprehensive design consultation, CAD Design, approval, and manufacture. For the approval, we will generally have a 3D CAD design to allow the angler to see the box prior to manufacture.


Eliminate the need to send us your fishing accessories.

Allt has a vast library of the most popular equipment used by anglers today. We are probably the only business who have invested in this feature on a continual basis.

This includes Reels, spools fly boxes, leader, priest, spoons, and sunglasses.


Allt have developed a unique block system when designing the box. Most if not all competitors manufacture the boxes with large sections of foam glued into the case. What then happens if you change the reel, fly boxes or other pieces of equipment, generally the whole boxes need to be re-fitted.

The ALLT Block System allows you to change only the one part that holds the reel or fly boxes. Saving time, money, and inconvenience.


We do not just fit out one type of box but try to offer the angler exactly what suits both level and budget. For the competition anglers wanting the premium product we would use either Peli or SKB boxes, for those wanting a bit more space or the pleasure angler we have a range of boxes such as Stanley.


Extensive Range

For the bank anglers we offer Shakespeare, Diawa and we are even offering a service to fit out the shoulder bags.

No other supplier offers this range of options, styles, and quality. We offer a 2 year guarantee on all our boxes, both in terms of craftsmanship and the quality of our products.

If we don’t have access to a specific reel or spool, simply provide us with the measurements and we can 3D print a model to maintain precision inside your custom box.

*Please note, we only use these to streamline our manufacturing process and do not sell any of these models, which are not suitable for fishing.

"The layout suits me perfectly for my needs the great thing with the service you can design it to suit yourself"

"Quality and really nice guy to speak with when planning a bespoke box"

"A massive thanks to George Gillespie. I took my box down to him and wee sat down and discussed what I wanted and did he deliver designing it the way I wanted. If anybody is thinking about getting there box set out speak to the man you won't be disappointed"

"Brilliant job on my Sage Spectrum spool storage for my Shakespeare box by Allt- Flyfishing"

To discuss the requirements for your box, email: georgeg@allt-fishing.com or hit the enquire button to fill in the form below.

The Allt Fishing Seat

The Allt Fishing system is unique, what makes it unique is our clamping system.

The system clamps onto the gunwale as can be seen in the photographs, no other fly-fishing seat offers this level of stability and safety. We have conducted rigorous testing to ensure the safety and comfort of the angler is paramount. Used correctly, our system cannot slide across the gunwales or move up and down the boat.

We would always recommend a strap as added safety, as rough weather can appear at any time and quickly.

Our system has one other unique feature that differentiates us from most other fly fishing seats. Our system has been weight tested to 165KG (26st)

Latest Upgrade

Our latest upgrade suggested by collective feedback allows the seat to be removed from the beam. This dramatically improves the transportation from and to your desired location. 

What Makes Our Seat Different?

Unique Design

We have put a vast amount of time, energy, and development into this seat, to design a product that anglers want. Our design is unique – no other seat on the market looks or performs the way our does. 


Our system clamps onto the boat & has been designed with safety at its core. Many features have been designed into the feet assemblies to enhance the safety factor. We would still strongly recommend using a strap as a double security measure on our system as safety is our top priority.


Allt Fishing uniquely offers a two year no quibble guarantee on our product. We are that confident in our product. We strive to ensure the engineering, components and expertise that goes into our seat ensures many years of safe, comfortable fishing.


All our systems are built with comfort in mind. We expect the angler to be as comfortable in the first hour as they are in the twelfth.


The system has been designed to offer maximum flexibility. The beam can be purchase on its own with the angler supplying their own seat. Any seat with a 135mm hole pitch can be fitted. The system can also be used with or without a rotational plate. We offer the system in many different colours as we have our own in-house powder coating facilities.


The Allt system can be set at the bow on any boat down to 800mm and the widest boats at the stern going out to about 1600mm. The system has been trialled on most of the boat types in use at the major fishing venues in the UK. We have had seats in competition settings on Rutland, The Lake and Clywedog plus numerous smaller venues around the UK.

Our Happy Customers

Since the launch of the business, we have received lots of positive reviews from our happy customers. 

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  • I was fortunate to be able to trial Jim's "spare" seat a few months ago and was really impressed with it. Easy to set up, doesn't move at all once in place, sturdy and the comfiest seat I've ever sat on so took the plunge 3 weeks ago and ordered one. George was great to deal with and even rushed my order through so that Jim could deliver it when he was in Wales last week to save me the postage.
    Thanks to everyone at Allt-Flyfishing
  • Perfect. No probs when on lake today. Even with mini plastic seat. Plenty adjustment across and diagonal if needed, frame is out the way. More room to cast across the drift. Bigger buzzer bends.. . Narrow and easier to swivel over or step over. More room in boat. No more snags than any other seat I've had.
    So big thumbs up. .
  • First day out with the Allt Fishing boat seat. Have to say very impressed with the quality and function of the seat. Solid bit of engineering from George Gillespie. I'm not the lightest lad these days and you feel safe and secure.
  • Hi, I’ve just ordered my new boat seat. I have to say it’s the best seat I’ve ever had. Being a big guy I needed something solid. Every seat I’ve owned has bent in the middle & after a while it had to be repaired, so when I was offered to try the Allt fishing seat I jumped at the chance.
    This seat is bulletproof. As you can see in the pictures it’s not bending in the middle so if you’re after a new seat then please get in contact with George at Allt fishing & he will keep you right.
  • I used the seat for a full day today and it was brilliant! It’s really comfortable and as it’s a little higher, there is plenty of room for my legs. I’ll be recommending it for sure.

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